Deacon Duncan Macpherson, M.A., D.Min

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St Mary's College: Founded in 1850, we are respected as the oldest Catholic College with an excellent academic and graduate employment record.

The Archdiocese of Westminster 2007 Year Book
and Year Book website.

At a time when many questions are being asked about the place of preaching at the beginning of the third millennium, we aim to encourage informed, productive debate, and offer practical help to those engaged in preaching around our country week in, week out.

FoBZU are involved in securing and administering grants for key development projects at Birzeit University, such as the adult literacy and primary health care programme supported by the Community Fund.

Friends of Birzeit University
Friends of Bethlehem University, known as FoBU, was set up as a registered charity in 1999 in order to help the development of Bethlehem University .

Living Stones is an ecumenical trust seeking to promote contacts between Christian Communities in Britain and those in the Holy Land and neighbouring countries.

Living Stones

Academy of Homiletics Home Page
The official website of the Academy of Homiletics.

The Society for Biblical Studies
The Society for Biblical Studies is a non-profit organization that seeks to make a difference in the life of the Church by enabling clergy and lay...

Catholic Theological Association
The CTA was founded in 1984 as a professional association for Catholic theologians in higher education and elsewhere, so that they could form contacts and debate common interests at an annual conference. The first conference on "The Christian Understanding of God" was held in Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds in September 1985, and members of the Association have met there every subsequent year.

AQUINAS INSTITUTE OF THEOLOGY is a Dominican graduate school that prepares religious, priests, and lay men and women for future church leadership.
With almost 40 full-time members of staff, numerous part-time, visiting and honorary staff, over 1200 undergraduates and over 1000 postgraduates, studying both on campus and off campus, the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at University of Wales Lampeter is one of the premier sites in the UK for studying religion


Melisende, an imprint of Fox Communications and Publications, seeks to publish original studies, both contemporary and historical, on religion and politics, society and culture in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.